Mill Park Baptist Church

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At Mill Park Baptist Church, we exist
 to know, love and serve God.

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We run a variety of programs:
Worship Service - 10am Sundays and 5pm for prayer.
Children's Programs are held during Worship Service.
Riot Youth Group - Secondary Teenagers, Friday 7.00pm during school terms (and 5.45pm for Bible study groups).
Zone Kids Club - Primary Aged Kids, 3rd Friday nights once a month, during the school term.
(none during school holidays)
Cultiv8 Groups - a variety of cell or small groups are held during the week.
Playgroup - Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.
Craft Group - 10am Tuesdays.
Men's and Women's ministries are held throughout the year.
Pastoral and Prayer Support - The Pastors and our Pastoral Care Team are always available to offer prayer support. Members of the Pastoral Care Team are available after each service on Sunday morning.
Please contact the church office for exact dates, times or more information of above programs.
From our Pastor...
When we’re growing (as people), we’re grasping more of life in its fuller meaning and purpose. When we’re moving towards maturity, we’re glimpsing more of things otherwise unseen.

Really, all of us want meaning in life. It’s expressed differently from person to person, but we’re all after a satisfying sense of purpose and value.

Over the last few weeks here at Mill Park Baptist on Sunday mornings we’ve been looking into this. We said that the more I understand what really matters, the better positioned I’ll be for growth! Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Also, as I accept that life’s “not about me”, I’ll be growing! When I see the big wide world, especially through God’s eyes, I’ll know it’s much more than me.

Without a doubt, we grow best when we’re serving God’s mission “in the trenches” together! There’s no better place to grow than when we’re on a team with a few others doing God’s work.

Humble people are growing people – the more (Jesus-style) humble I am, the more I’ll grow! And, if I’m going to grow, I’m fully responsible personally, but also totally dependent on God!

Anyone who’s growing will be making more of life; when Jesus is in our lives and surrounding our growth, it’ll be hugely better again.

How’s life for you? Would you say you’re growing as a person? Would others who know you attest to your growth?

This matters too much to be a sitter rather than a doer. There’s too much at stake to procrastinate.

Listen in – today, and for the next four Sundays – as we further explore moving towards maturity. Guaranteed, as you do, you’ll get fuel for life!
Geoff Shepherd
Church Office

11 Morang Drive
Mill Park, Vic, 3082

ph 03 9436 8797

Senior Pastor Geoff Shepherd
Associate Pastor (Youth) Matt Withers
Associate Pastor (Care & Connect)
Kathryn Jensen
Associate Pastor (Children & Young Families) Kathy Adams
Intern (Pastoral Care) Brad Sexton
Church Administrator Leanne Kelso
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