About Us

Our Purpose Statement.

We exist as Jesus’ followers to know, love and serve God in our world.

Our Core Values.

Our values express what we’re trying to do and be, and in our church’s daily life they are very much alive, active, and meaningful.

We value…

BIBLICAL TRUTH: we place the highest value on God’s word (the Bible) and its central message of the good news of Jesus Christ, and we want to be consumed with a desire to know and live it, whatever the cost to us.

CELEBRATION: because of God’s great love for us and the way he designed us, we are joyful, have fun, laugh, and celebrate together.

COMMUNITY: we are building a Biblically functioning community, which sees incredible love, grace, and care for each other and welcomes newcomers as if they were old friends, where everyone in our church has a part to play and every contribution has an equally high value.

DISCIPLESHIP: we take seriously Jesus’ command to make disciples – to see people growing to be more and more like Jesus in every part of their lives.

FAMILY: we support and affirm the God-given value of marriage and family relationships, and we seek to be a family connection for all those who are part of our church.

INTEGRITY: we seek honesty and the highest ethical and moral standards in our own lives and in our church as a whole, especially modelled and demonstrated in our leadership.

MISSION: we are determined to be increasingly focused on people around us and in all the world who do not yet know Jesus, and to find appropriate, relevant, and innovative ways to communicate the good news to them.

OBEDIENCE: we endeavour to lay down our desires, dreams, and plans and follow God’s plans for our lives and our church, seeking to be led by the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives.

PRAYER: we believe that prayer is vital, a powerful foundation of our relationship with God, and we want to be a people radically devoted to prayer – individually, in groups, and corporately.

WORSHIP: we gladly accept that life is to be lived with God in its centre, and will strive to ensure our daily lives are true expressions of uninhibited worship to God.


Who are we?

Our vision…

  • We yearn to see all our people growing – coming to know Jesus and growing towards maturity in him; knowing, loving, and serving him more authentically; and all of us, together, progressing towards being a radically prayerful church, overflowing with the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • We decisively aim to become more of a fresh and vital community of people who are meaningfully connected with each other across generations in solid, loving, caring, open, and expressive relationships, always looking for ways and means to know, love, and serve the people we are in contact with.
  • We acknowledge that our church does not just exist “for us”, but that it is our community, where we gather, meet, and interact to be energised by God together and released into our separate worlds and influence them with the love of Jesus – and we desire this recognition and passion to infect all we are and do.
  • We long to be a church where the Holy Spirit is given no limitations, where he is free to move in and change us in whatever ways he desires, and where his gifts are allowed to operate in complete freedom.
  • We seek to grow in the level of our people’s participation, so that we are operating more and more as a “body”, with a diversity of people serving consistently with their spiritual gifts, passion, and God’s call.


Our Logo.

Designed by Natashia Curtain

Leaves: symbolic of:

  • Braches of the body of Christ. (John 15:5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”)
  • The Holy Trinity.
  • Family of believers in worship, lifting hands to the Lord.
  • Shapes are also suggestive of flame of the Holy Spirit.


  • Green for growth, health and vigour. Suggested by the word ‘park’ in the name.
  • Grey (75% of black): softer and less formal than black.


  • Light san serif, which highlights simplicity, and retains a modern feel.